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I reserve this space for rants and raves, they might not have anything to do with the comic... you're warned! 2011/06/21

Um, so, I finished. Looking back the art is totally different styles . Anyways, phew, got to the end. Sorry it took like five years. But I enjoyed it, hope you all did too! :D


Meeeerry christmas! Actually here in Japan there are very few christians, but enough decorations and cheesy christmas carols for all of east asia. To me, christmas is about family and food and playing DDR max for 8 consecutive hours with your little sister!! GIVE ME BACK MY CHRISTMASS!!
*whew*. don't mind me ^^. Um. Comic related! I want to move off of keenspace! I have a job and will soon have some money to play with, so I'm thinking of getting a real domain name, perhaps or something. This will force me to learn php, and I really want to do a new site overhaul. It's time to get with the program and start learning CSS anyways ^^. More about that later...


Is this a Luke/Leia weird incest scene? If you count your dad's new wife's brother as related to you, it might just be! Hee hee.
And for those who were wondering, yes, I know. I know that monitor on Ben's head was obviously added in MS paint or something after the fact and looks HORRIBLE. I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone's scarred eyes. ^^ I promise, when I drew it, it was visible, but when I scanned it, suddenly it just blended into the dark background! And hurriedly i tried to fix it.. I'm sorry, this page will be fixed soon... ^^
Achem. Ok, for the book, I'm thinking of publishing it with Lulu, an independent publisher. I love thinking about having a book, to have and to hold, through sickness and through health, till death (or eventual paper rot) do us part! If anyone used them or bought a book through Lulu, PLEASE email me at and let me know what you thought!


Happy birthday Gemini! ^_^ This site has been up for a year!
Lauren is back at the FCC. Looking back at the old comics, it's only been three days, comic time, but she's changed SO MUCH! Her hair grew out about 3 inches, too. *sigh* oh dear, so much for consistancy... ^^;


Ooooh I've been doing tons of jobhunting, interviews and resume writing... in JAPANESE!! It's so so stressful. It's going pretty well, suprisingly ^^... but I've been pretty slow with the updates. Sorry about that! I thought I would try to catch up eventually, but I give up, I just can't. I'll put up a filler comic until I can start updating normally again, promise!


Weird. I was the only girl in my senior class that graduated with a degree in computer science. But there were lots of girls in the math department! (Maybe the compsci guys scared them away, I wouldn't be surprised ^^;)

Oh yeah, I decided to actually try to draw cars nicely from here on out, as opposed to the attrocious cars on the freeway and in the opera house parking lot in the first chapter. *shudder*. If you wanna see some nice cars I painted, check out this page: Cars!


I'm addicted to reading Naruto! I'm super impressed by the manga, the artist rarely uses screen tones, he just uses line art, cross-hatching for shading, and high-contrast black and white character designs, which makes everything look really powerful. I tried to emulate his style in today's comic ^_^


Hehe, this is supposed to be the same day as the flashback on the first three pages. The character designs have changed a bit over time ^_^;, I hope you could tell before reading this footnote...


OK, You caught me. There is no such thing as medical marijuana that doesn't get you high (yet!). But I did a lot of research for this segment of the plot. In 1996, there really was a raid on San Francisco's Cannibus Buyers Club, a place where the terminally ill could semi-legally buy marijuana. A patient/customer really did have to have an ID and a prescription to walk in the door. There was a big fuss about the bust in the news, because it coincided with a candidate for governor's platform of 'zero drug tolerance'. The SFPD really did have a very low priority on medical marijuana, so the whole thing was pretty messy.


Can you tell I'm a big fan of CSI Las Vegas? ^^ I've been renting season 1 from my local video store. (yeah they have it here in japan! but only through season 2). Anyways, I think I'm going to try to work in a reference to it somehow. The character Sarah Cidel is supposed to be transferred from San Francisco, so it shouldn't be that hard ^_^.
That big roll of paper Kim is looking at is a circuit diagram.. I took three semesters of Electrical Engineering classes, so I'm trying to remember how to draw them.. My EE professor (Dr. Barbara Marino) was a very intelligent lady, I'm loosely basing Kim's character off of her ^^


Happy fourth of July! It was sad not seeing fireworks :( I will have to go to a summer matsuri or something.
I got a computer and a scanner, finally! hehe, well, I gotta admit it was pretty fun wandering around Akihabara looking for computers ... thanks for the patience. ^_^
Hehe, I added myself to , so maybe I can lure some new readers over..muahaha. Although as it stands currently, my mom is still my #1 fan... ^^


Sorry about the crappy resolution and weird font/lettering in today's comic (6/20). I'm having the hardest time figuring out paintshop pro in japanese! and the scanner settings are in japanese too! akk! I don't know how I'm gonna survive ^^;; I'm afraid my twice-a-week updating schedule has gone out the window ^^;; Sorry! I will update once a week on Thursdays though.


I moved to Japan! Seriously. Living in Chofu, Tokyo now, with no scanner, I've been stealithy sneaking into Jouchi daigaku's computer lab and using my friends account to scan these puppies. Gotta get a pasocon and a skyanna!

Heheh, all caught up. I'm a genius!! ^^
I love my nunchaku fight scene! Naomi and Ryan are fun to draw ^^ . In other news, it looks like I'm about halfway done with the story. It'll probably be about 100-120 pages when it's finished, and then I'm going to have it printed as a physical book you can buy! Yay!! That's the plan. I'm going to go back and fix the typos and clean up some of the messier pages and text, and put some new goodies into it. Of course, this is many months down the road... but I love to dream ^^
OH! I entered a guest comic to Okashina Okashi's contest, you may see my artwork on their page in about a week! Hee hee hee. If you've never seen that comic, I recommend it very highly, it's clever and fun. I'm trying to think of more ways to get people to read my comic. Since I'm going to E3 next week, I'll see if I can hook up something with the guy from Mac Hall... another site I adore. ^^

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile... but I'm gonna catch up this week!! Alright!! one per day for four days in a row? Can she do it?! well, 1 down, 3 to go... ^_^;;


Well, the webcomiclist ad time is almost up *sniff*. It had a wild ride in the rankings there, that was a fun month! But oh well, I'm saving up so it'll be awhile before I advertise my site again. I put it up on, and it's getting some favorable attention, it's already on 10 people's favorites! yay! ^_^ Heheh, Kyra's taking over the world very very slowly but very very surely.

Site stuff: the links page and the secrets pages are both up! This site is nearly whole, hurrah! I just have to add the new characters on the characters page... hm, there are quite a few to add.

I do want to start using screen tones again, they are so fresh and clean. Also, my copic markers are dying... it's just, markers are SO much faster than screen tones. Uf, ok, I'll do my best.

And last but not least... I went ahead and got a REAL blog! you know, on It's all about me and not really about this comic, so if you're in a stalker-y /curious type of mood, check it out! Yay for blogs! I promise, I update that blog far more often than this one. ^_^;

bisous bisous!


Hey! So, I put a little ad up on The Webcomic List , and apparently a bunch of people are checking out this site! Yay! The only thing is, I'd never know, because noone emails me. *sniff*. Ah well, guess I'll cry in the corner ^_~. But here's my ranking on their charts: The Webcomic List
Right now it's almost #300! Yay! I expect it to go down pretty quickly when this month is up though, thats how long the ad lasts.
I did a nice color picture of what Lauren and Gabby would look like if they were Final Fantasy girls ^_^ Check it out on the sketches page!
Also, I got all the funny sized pages to work, no more problems. Hee hee. Now I just gotta make the rest of the pages. uf, what a pain... ^^
sleepy kyra signing out. Peace~!


Sorry, looks like todays comic will be a little late (probably up by ~ 11pm tonight). The reason? I redid the whole website! Woo! I hope you enjoy the face-lift. Also, please forgive me if it looks a little weird on certain (bigger) pages, I'm still working out some kinks in the html.

3/05/05: Oh no!! It's... attack of the crappy art! Bum bum bum... (melodramatic pause)... Sorry everyone, the last few pages have not been done in the normal style and have been done in a hurry, obviously by my evil twin. Oh well, at least they've been done on time for the updates, so that's something ^_^ I've just been busy. That, and I completely forgot to bring my supplies and used crappy printer paper, and the only pen I could find was a fine-point sharpie... ^_^;; I promise I'll make them nicer... or at least try not to sniff glue before drawing the pictures ^^ I'm thinking of advertising gemini on because it's only $10 for a month and is a cool, modest way of spreading the word. And... I might even make my site prettier. Who knows, it's a crazy world!! ^^
2/12/05: Hey hey hey! February 6th was my birthday, and as a present to all of my fans out there (HAHAHA!!1 I'm funny ^_~) I made a 3D version of Lauren! Check it out, it's on the sketches page.
1/27/2005: Wazzap! So, I've started making new comics! Good for me, I've actually gotten off my lazy bum and started again. In case you're curious, Feb 10th 2005 will be the last comic from a few years ago, and Feb 13th will be the first one of the new year. ... sadly, I don't think my style has changed or improved at all over that time, but at least the comics will look pretty consistant.
In other news, I'm taking a Maya 3D modeling class, and I'm learning how to make people and expressions! As my final project, I've been modeling Lauren. Hee hee, I wonder how she'll turn out... I'll be posting her up under the gallery portion of the site in a week or two.
Hope everyone's enjoying Gemini so far!

12/05/2004: Hello, dear reader! This is my first rant. I've actually completed about 25 pages of the comic, but I've set it up so that you can only see two new ones a week. This is for two reasons: 1. to keep people coming back, and 2. To give me some time to get up to speed making them.

Hehe, actually, these pages were drawn by me over a year ago, but I had no motivation to keep going and I eventually stopped. When I pulled them out and looked at them recently, I thought to myself, "Hey, these aren't half bad! ... let's post 'em on keenspace. ^+^" And that's how the saga begins...

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