Cast List!

There will be more as time goes by, but here's what we have so far.

Lauren Gemini:
Our main character, she's the daughter of Helen and Peter Gemini, who are divorced. She is determined to find out what her father's been up to, and somehow make him a part of her life again.
Gabrielle Watson:
(Gabby for short). Lauren's best friend. She goes to Stanford University, and has a part time job as a clothes model. She's pretty and has a good sense of humor, and tries to help Lauren with her various misadventures.
Peter Gemini:
Lauren's dad. He used to work for the SFPD, but was disillusioned and decided to fight crime his own way. Unfortunately for Lauren, since vigillanteism isn't exactly legal, he has to keep it secret, making him a bit difficult to find.
Helen Wilshire:
Lauren's mother; a lawyer for various non-profit agencies. She divorced Peter when he quit the force to become a private agent. She is overprotective of Lauren, and has started dating Max Howard.
Max Howard:
Helen's boyfriend... a rich lawyer. He has a buried past with Peter Gemini.
Ben Hartford:
A member of Peter Gemini's team (Falcon's Crest). Specializes in decryption and rush jobs. Code name: Leo
Ryan Yee:
Gabby's old modeling buddy happens to look a lot like the FCC's main suspect, and has a rather violent attitude. Kinda cute, though ^_~
Anita Fiore:
Member of Falcon's Crest. She specializes in criminal psychology. Code name: Pisces
John Jackson(aka JJ):
Member of Falcon's Crest. He is the 'Development' side of the R&D department, inventing new tools for the team. Code name: Cancer
Naomi Duchin:
Member of Falcon's Crest. She does field work, ballistic forensics and combat training. Code name: Aries
Michael Schaffer:
Member of Falcon's Crest. Forensics specialist. Code name: Taurus
Kim Marino:
Member of Falcon's Crest. She is the 'Research' side of R&D, also maintains the computers. Code name: Aquarius

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