There will be more as time goes by, but here's what we have so far.

Online comics... (my personal favorites)
Link Synopsis Mini-banner fan art (by me! ^^)
Babochka A manga-style comic that takes place in Russia in 1898. Don't let the beautiful artwork and charming characters fool you, this is a deep and sometimes sad story about the struggle behind russia's social revolution.
RPG World An often hillarious parody of final fantasy-style role playing video games. This parody has a plot of its own, and is amazingly addictive. RPG Fanart
GameBoy Enter an average obsessive compulsive gamer, who just happens to be born with Devil Horns. He never suspected that when he changed his name to "Gameboy" he would become the sole guardian of civilization and The Greatest Hero of All Time. GameBoy! Gameboy Fanart
Demonology 101 Not all demons are evil... Demonology 101 is probably one of the least advertised and most read comics on the web. Both the story and art are superb, in my opinion, and there's lots to read (400+ pages...)
MegaTokyo I think everyone knows this already, I'm linking to it because I wanna show off my fanart! :P Megatokyo Fanart
Okashina Okashi My favorite anime parody. This group of travelers have been transported into the anime world, and work their way through many different genres (shojo, mecha, sports, card-games... even hentai!) to try to find the way home. This is probably the first online comic I got into. StrangeCandy Fan Art
Mac Hall Roommate sitcom / gamer comic of professional grade. I'm serious, I saw this book at Borders, which made me check out the website. Turns out it started as an online comic! Hooray to those who've made it! ^_^
Hello Cthulhu Yes, Hello Cthulhu, you read the title correctly. It's exactly what it sounds like...A bizzare comic about HP Lovecraft's horror character Cthulhu being transported into the world of Hello Kitty.
Wigu Cute, hillarious, made of poison. This is a comic about a little boy who loves an evil(?) potato, his goth sister, mooching dad and alcoholic mom. I love it muchly! Wigu fanart
No Rest For the Wicked A dark fairy tale, with plenty of amusing references and a clever sense of humor. Not to mention a cat.
Girly! Um um, I love it, but I don't know how to describe it. The main character is a sidekick, she and her partner in crime go around kicking ass. It's very stylish and cartoony, made by someone who clearly knows all the cool photoshop tricks.
Kill Harry A cross between Kill Bill and Harry Potter, Hermione plays the heroine out for revenge... Kill Harry!

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