Here are various drawings I did on gap-filler days that don't fit sequentially into the storyline, but are fun regardless.

Ben wants to be alone.

E3 was a blast! It inspired me to do this drawing of Gabby as a booth babe. ^_^ Note: there was no giant donkey konga display, sadly...

Lauren is overstaying her welcome at Gabby's dorm by playing 20 straight hours of Tales of Symphonia. Not that I have done that!

Here's a sketch of Lauren on her 8th birthday. This sketch was in preparation for 4/10's comic...

Here's what Lauren and Gabby would look like if they were Final fantasy characters: FFX-3! ^^ hah. Just pretend Lauren is Yuna and Gabby is Rikku... in one of their weird garment spheres. Only this garment sphere makes them wear semi-normal clothing! What a crazy world. ^_~

there's actually a much larger version of this image, but I'm saving it for a dead day, just in case.

Woo! Thanks to my Maya class, you can see Lauren in 3D!

(well, just her head.) I *love* it! *^_^* ... (and it only took 8 WEEKS!!! wow, I'm so never using this program for a job...)

As promised, here are some fan service pictures of Lauren and Gabby!

This is Lauren, on a hot day, with a fan.

This is Gabby, modeling, with her hair blown about by a big fan.

... what do you mean, that's not the definition of fan service?!...